What is Membership?

At our church, we understand membership to be a formal, voluntary commitment to live the Christian life alongside fellow believers in the context of a local church. We find membership in 1 Corinthians 12:27:

"Now you are the body of Christ and invididually members of it."

Just as all believers are members of the body of Christ spiritually, we believe that this membership is also reflected visibly in the local church.

As a member, you are committing yourself to other believers at our church. It involves a deep level of relationship with one another. The church leadership also commits to care and serve members in various ways.

Membership Process

Considering becoming a member at our church? There are three steps before becoming a member:

1. Membership Class

We offer a class that covers our doctrine, piety, and practice and outlines what it means to be a member. We want everyone to know exactly what is expected before making a decision to be a member. In the class, we cover 3 foundational documents:

  1. Statement of Faith: We provide an overview of the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith (1677/1689), which details what we believe. We use the Baptist Catechism (1693) as a tool for teaching these doctrines.
  2. Church Constitution: This document describes how we operate as a church.
  3. Membership Covenant: This document outlines the commitments required in membership.

2. Interview

Once you complete the class, we require each potential new member to meet with the eldership. We want our new members and our eldership to know one another. The eldership will get to know you better, listen to your testimony, answer your questions, and ensure that you understand and agree to abide by our 3 foundational documents.

3. Reception

After completing the membership class and interview, the last step is to be received by the church. An announcement will be made to the church that a new potential member is applying for membership. There will be two weeks for the members to raise questions or concerns about the candidate's qualifications for membership. If no biblically valid objections are raised at the end of two weeks, the individual will be received into membership.

Pastoral Care

We value personal shepherding between the eldership and individual members. All members will be under the direct spiritual care of the eldership, who will pray for them, check in with them, and be a direct line of contact for any needed shepherding or information. The eldership is committed to shepherding the flock of God at this church.


Have questions about membership? Need more information on the membership class? We are here to help! Email Pastor Todd at